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Children are a mandate from God. Then it is not light that the burden of the parents who have received the trust from God. And because of the mandate, it should be maintained and cared for in accordance with the message of the giving party, which in this case is Allah SWT. For this reason, we as parents are required to nurture and guide our children to Religion in accordance with nature (human instincts) so that they have noble character and become devoted human beings.

They are like white paper. It is we who will give the color of the painting what we want. As Tabularasa’s Theory, where it is evident that children who have lived in a Jewish environment since childhood will become Jews, those who live in a Christian environment will also become Christians, Mothers and so on.

Therefore caring for children should start early, because the development of the child’s soul has begun to grow since he was small, according to his nature. Thus, we channel the nature of humans, we guide and we direct to the path that should be in accordance with its direction. Because as parents and teachers (educators in schools) must really know that so much responsibility to Allah’azza wa jalla for the education of their children.

Procedures for good parenting:

1. Behavior Formation Through Habit of Actions Since Children Are Still Small

A famous failusuf, Charles Reade, said: “Even though you reap a habit, you habit and you reap a character, character and you reap a destiny,” which means freely, “If we are sure will be something of a view or mind so plant that thought in an act, then you will reap (get results) which is called behavior.


2. Parental authority

The two things that have been explained before, namely about “Exemplary Examples” and “Familiarizing Behavior from Childhood,” are very closely related to the problem of PARENTS ‘AUTHORITY. Children will imitate the example of parents and want to carry out behaviors that are accustomed to parents’ instructions, if all of them feel reluctant to parents.

As a result of reluctance to the authority of the parents arises a sense of obedience and full submission willingly and peacefully. But when the child does not have a sense of reluctance to parents, that is the sign that parents do not have authority in the presence of the child. If the “Authority” and the authority of the parent is gone or has faded, the child will be “screwed up” because no one is “feared”.

3. Clever Parenting

Parenting is an art too. Even though there are also methodologies, the pedagogics are equipped with general psychology, child psychology, or educational psychology, but because they are faced with children who have souls, and besides their mental and spiritual conditions are different, then without art, education is less successful . Until herein lies the need for the nature of wisdom in caring for children. Parenting is clearly not synonymous with authoritarianism, nor is it synonymous with paternalistic, which protects the students too much. Although these two traits are sometimes needed, the application should be in accordance with the conditions of the child and the atmosphere of the events that occur.

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Post thumbnail – Do you want to have a business that has big profits? If you want, maybe this business is suitable for those of you who want to get fast and big profits. This business is having real estate. What is real estate? Real estate is land and all objects that are joined on it (in the form of buildings) and which are integrated with it (pages, fences, roads, channels, etc. that are outside the building).

What is the difference with property? The difference between real estate and property is a term that involves the legal relationship between objects (real estate) and the subject. While the term real estate only concerns the object itself (land and building). Real and realty can be interpreted as tangible goods, or in the context of property interpreted as land. Meanwhile, realtor and realtist are people who carry out activities or businesses related to land and buildings in a broad sense.

Then why can the real estate business be very profitable? First, I will teach you how to do real estate business. That is by investing in real estate, which is the most popular business today. Why is this business so popular? Here I explain the advantages of the real estate business:

1.Cash Flow

One of the reasons many people do real estate business is because of the money left over after paying the bill. With the rest of this money, you can use it for other businesses, save or use it again to invest in other real estate.

2. Investment Value Increases

Another reason many choose to invest in the real estate business is the increase in the value of property invested, such as houses, land and apartments. The more population in the place you invest will be the greater the selling value of your property. This is one of the reasons many choose this business.

3. Can Prevent Inflation

In addition to the value of the investment that continues to increase, investing in real estate will make the property you own will not be exposed to inflation, instead it will continue to rise and have a high selling value.

4. Fixed Income

If the real estate that you invest is already made, there is no need to worry about your money inflow, because your income will continue to be accepted, which is important where the property you invest continues to be rented by people. That’s where your income comes from and the value is fixed. That was the advantage if you invest in real estate or property, here I will give you a way to invest in the real estate business:

  1. Enjoy

First of all you have to have perseverance because you can’t be lucky. You can get a loss, but don’t be discouraged, if you want to succeed in this business you must be able to learn from mistakes and get up again not to repeat the same mistakes.

  • Plan Expenditures

Before investing in real estate, it’s a good idea to plan your expenses. Because we don’t just see the benefits but also the disadvantages of this business, there could be unexpected expenses that will confuse you in the future.

  • Must be serious

If you want to succeed in this real estate business, you cannot think of it as just a side or hobby. If it is not addressed or serious in this field, you will suffer losses and not return capital. Create a well-organized system or if necessary you can invite friends or acquaintances who are experts in this field. That’s the way and tips for doing real estate business, hopefully by implementing it you can also succeed in the future.